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Shamanism 101

Ryxi is a spiritual mentor who in 2004 had a spiritual encounter  where Mother Earth (Gaia) came to her asking her to “Save the Earth and save the people”. 
She was told she was a shaman and was given instruction by the earth, the elements and divine mother of the universe among others, on how to “To save the Earth and the people”. 
She learned that the earth is evolving into it’s next state of evolution and we can either assist and join in or be left behind. Ryxi was asked to awaken other shamans to develop their gifts and join the evolution, hence Shamanism 101 was born.
She has written two books. The first being “To dance with elementals” where she shares her journey of meeting and working with the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.
Her next book. “Talks with My Heavenly Mother” is about her journey with the Divine Mother of the universe.

Student Testimonials

"Ryxi has been practicing shamanism and helping people develop their spiritual gifts for over 15 years. She has 
taught me how to develop my spiritual gifts of vision, tap into my healing powers, become more centered, develop 
my intuition and to trust the messages I receive. She turned my spiritual journey into a fun filled magical adventure!"         
"Shaman Ryxi's Shamanism 101 Course was a wonderful experience for me! I loved the different variety involved from participating in my
 first sweat lodge, to making a shaman kit, to learning about medicine wheels. Everything was fascinating and really resonated with me
 and my spiritual path. She brought together various experts so we got to hear different perspectives on so many new things that were 
eye opening and beautiful. I am so glad I got to delve into this magical world of shamanism! -RP"
Rebecca Potter
World Traveler, executive asistant

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